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The Western Province Cat Club is the oldest club in South Africa. We are affiliated with the Southern Africa Cat Council and throughout the year we hold shows with various associations in the Western Cape. 

Membership to the Western Province Cat Club is open to everyone – from breeders of all types to every cat lover. There are four classes which include neutered cats, entires, kittens and domestic cats. Your cat doesn’t need a fancy name to participate. All cats are special and deserve to be admired.


Adri Swart


Adri ‘popped in’ to a cat show in 2005 where she saw her first ‘live’ Aby and it was the beginning of a love affair. In 2013 she imported her first Aby queen for breedingShe has been involved with SAASA, BIG/TBCC, and is now the WPCC chair.

Ingrid Van Eck-Gain

Governing Council Rep

Ingrid became involved in the Cat Fancy shortly after moving to Cape Town in 2000. She started stewarding shows before being invited to do the Judges’ Course. She is a SACC All Breeds judge and Chairperson of the Cape Panel of Judges.

Andrew Tennison


Andrew has been involved with the Cat Fancy since 2008. In that time he has shown both domestic and pedigree cats with varying success. Besides involvement with the WPCC committee, he is also involved with stewarding at cat shows.

Hazel King


Hazel got her first cat (accidental half siamese) when she was 10. However, it was one of her next cats, a Burmese, who started a life-long love affair with the breed. She has been a Burmese breeder, a rescue foster, is a show judge and now the editor of the WPCC’s newsletter. 

Christelle Rossouw


Christelle has been a cat lover for as long as she can remember. In 2019 she rescued a Tonkinese and fell in love. This was the first cat she showed. She currently has five Tonkinese and is surrounded – by cats both at work and at home. She has just recently joined the committee.

Anene Engelbrecht


Her love for cats started in 2004 when she was mesmerised by the beauty of the silver Chinchilla Longhairs and started the relationship with breeders.  As the years went by, the love for Maine Coons and Burmese evolved.  She have a passion for the different cat breeds, being supportive and eager to learn and present at cat shows.

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